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Design is personal. It’s the way your home or business feels when you first open the door. It’s how your new space can become something you’ve always dreamed of -- yet never imagined it could be. At Redbird, we know every project starts with small ideas that spark bigger things. We understand that creativity and innovation are amplified when collaboration is encouraged, and time is taken to fully understand your hopes and needs for the site envisioned.


Please note, there is no cost for an initial consultation to discuss your ideas & scope of the project; An inquiry can be sent directly to us via our 'Contact' page -- we look forward to hearing from you.

Gym: Final Build Out

Rebel Cycle Studio / Detroit

Amy Metcalf Latawiec, (Owner - REBEL CYCLE STUDIO)

“Working with Redbird has been a dream! They were with me every step of the way from the idea phase of my project to walking through potential sites to building out the space. There's so much that goes into this & Robert and Giancarlo will make sure that you feel confident through the whole process. If you want to work with a team who is responsive, attentive, and will ensure your vision comes to  life, absolutely hire Redbird.”

Constructon document

Construction Documents: Rebel Cycle Studio 


Redbird is a partnership between Robert Pia, Licensed Architect (#1301066707), & Certified Interior Designer (CID #22363) -- who brings more than 20 years of design experience to the firm -- and Giancarlo Pia (LMSW), a designer & social service professional; He has worked in partnership with Robert on commercial and residential projects over the last two decades.


We believe the fusion of our disciplines brings an experience that is holistic and comprehensive. Our goal is to provide a service that is supportive & needs-driven -- from initial space planning & construction documents/permitting – through the final build out of your project. For emerging business owners, we can also provide linkages to community resources that can complement the design of your new space such as those for business growth & planning, funding, marketing, & brand development, if desired.


With Redbird, you can be confident that you will not be lost in the planning process, and that your voice will be heard and encouraged.  Low overhead allows us to take on smaller-scale projects including emerging businesses & 'start-ups' and/or ‘single-room projects -- that other firms may not be in a position to accept; flexible payment options and design 'packages' are available to meet a wide range of budgeting needs.

Design and architectural services are available now. Let Redbird partner with you to create a space that is both purposeful and personal -- from start to finish.

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